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Purchase Points

Please Read Before Purchasing: Points may be acquired around the site in numerous methods; directly purchasing points is not required to make use of any and all user benefits. Purchasing points is intended as an option for users who wish to donate to the community; don't want to participate via forums, events, or other options; or wish to augment their points from other methods via direct purchase. You are of course more than welcome to purchase points whatever your reasons, but we're not trying to nickle-and-dime you. : )

Purchasing Methods: Currently, the only automated method of payment is Paypal; if you have some other method you would like to pay via, please contact Lunaretic via PM, Steam Message, or Email.

After Purchasing: After purchasing, it may take up to 5 minutes for the points to show up on your account. If it takes significantly longer than that please contact Lunaretic via PM, Steam Message, or Email.

$5 Package - 100 DKP Points
$10 Package - 200 Points + 20 Extra Points!
$20 Package - 400 Points + 50 Extra Points!
$50 Package - 1000 Points + 200 Extra Points!
$100 Package - 2000 Points + 500 Extra Points!