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How to set up a Minecraft Server. NO HAMACHI
#1: How to set up a Minecraft Server. NO HAMACHI
Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:41 am 
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Hello all you dudes and ladies on the internet. We like Minecraft, right?
And we want our own servers, RIGHT?!

Here's how. (This is assuming you're running Windows.)

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Java.
Notch made the great idea of having Minecraft run on Java, so make sure that works/is up to date. You can download Java here.

2. Download the Minecraft server.
The latest version (as of making this.) is Minecraft 1.6.2, so make sure the server is the same update. You can download the server here. It's at the bottom, but make sure not to download the Mac one!

3. Run the Minecraft server.
Let it download it's world and everything, and once it's all done, feel free to stop it. Make sure you're starting the .exe version.

4. Run the server off your router.
Your router can be put at risk when doing this. I am not responsible for anything happening to it. Access your router, and go to the Port Forwarding/Applications page, like I've done here.

Select BOTH, and enter 25565 into the external and internal ports.

5. Find your external IP address that players connect to.
Enter cmd into your start icon, and type "ipconfig /all". Scroll to Wireless LAN, and find your IPv4 address. The end of that IPv4 address can go to the end of the IP section of the port. After all that, enable it, and save the settings.

6. Make players connect to your server.
Go to this site for the IP that players connect to. Give this to everyone.

7. Change your server settings.
The hard part is over now. Search "server" in your computer, and you should find this.

Put whatever settings you want in there. (motd is the message players receive when they see the server in their server list.)

8. Run the server.
It shoooooooooould be working now if my memory is correct. I haven't actually tried this myself during this, so it may all be bogus, lol.
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#2: Re: How to set up a Minecraft Server. NO HAMACHI
Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:14 am 
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Select TCP

I'd select both. I don't know what Minecraft "officially" uses, but to me, it makes sense to have logging in happening via TCP and actual ingame running via UDP.
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#3: Re: How to set up a Minecraft Server. NO HAMACHI
Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:17 am 
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You use both for EVERYTHING.
Fight me.

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