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FF2 Boss Ideas
#1: FF2 Boss Ideas
Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:12 pm 
The Emotionless
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I couldn't find a thread about FF2 bosses, though I'm pretty sure we had one? Anyways, give your ideas for new FF2 bosses here.
Mine: (ingenious, by the way.)
Appearance: A really old computer that runs on Windows 98 (just the monitor part, one of those bulky ones.)
Superjump: A teleport to a random player
Rage: Says :"Error. Windows 98 has crashed." But with the Error sounding like the robots on Asteroid. Then it shoots a laser that you can sort of control but moves slowly, and spams everyone with the error window sounds.
Multiple lives. 3?
"Maybe it's hollow." - Sennin 2014

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