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Move Those Updates Up!
#1: Move Those Updates Up!
Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:01 pm 
The Noseless One
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Level 6
Total Points: 499 points
Next Level: 800 points
As told before, a huge update would be coming out and its available now.

Here is the update log.

~Added over 60 Gold Star community-submitted Workshop items
~Summer Claim Checks can now be redeemed for Summer Coolers
~Summer Cooler Keys are now available in the Mann Co. Store
~Map Stamps and Strange Filters for the new community maps cp_standin and cp_process are now available in the Mann Co. Store
~Reduced intensity of Bleed and Jarate screen effects under DX8
~Added text search functionality to the backpack and the store
~Added tf_hud_show_servertimelimit to display the server’s per-map time limit on the in-game HUD
~In MvM, if all team members unready, the pre-round countdown will stop
~In MvM, when robots are killed by sniper headshots or explosive headshot upgrade, they will drop ‘red’ money that will automatically be collected when it would otherwise dissolve
~Fixed a bug with the Unusual Adjustment Slider that would cause changes not to take effect
~Double-clicking a crate will now take you to the appropriate key in the store
~By default, items with non-standard qualities (ie., strange, unusual) will not be selectable as craft ingredient. The ingredient selection UI has a checkbox to disable this feature and allow selection.
~Unusuals and Stranges no longer stack in loadout equip pages
~Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause incorrect Steam Community Market prices to be shown on item tooltips when using non-USD currencies
~Fixed a bug that would cause the popular items page in the store to not always update correctly
~Fixed a bug where disguised red spies spawned a blue heal particle when touching healthkits
~Fixed a bug where certain projectiles and Engineer building gibs could cause doors to become stuck
~Fixed a bug where crouch animations would not properly play while in humiliation state
~Fixed a bug where full ÜberCharge effects would always show on the client if a player was killed with full ÜberCharge
~Fixed a bug that allowed custom item names/descriptions containing HTML to sometimes change the appearance of items in Steam Community
~Fixed level 3 dispensers missing geometry
~Fixed level 2 dispensers appearing identical to level 1 dispensers at certain LODs
~Fixed the Marked-For-Death effect showing over the head of disguised or stealthed players
~Fixed suicide deathnotices showing the dead player's last deployed weapon instead of the skull and crossbones
~Fixed characters in the loadout page sometimes appearing as if they were cloaked
~Weapon attributes will now show in the same order in-game and in Steam Community
~Support for the ITFItems/GetPlayerItems and ITFItems/GetSchema WebAPIs have been removed

Added cp_standin and cp_process
~Renamed mvm_coaltown_event to mvm_ghost_town to fix a problem with voting for challenges in MvM when on Coal Town
~Fixed jumps being ruined by small rock ledge near spiral
~Fixed prop collisions
~Fixed clip smoothing
~Fixed players building in Blu's first spawn
~Fixed players shooting through rocks in stage 2
~Fixed collision in tunnels in stage 2
~Fixed textures not displaying properly in Pyrovision
~Fixed lighting on cliff faces
~Fixed skybox error in stage 3.
~Fixed players getting killed through the ceiling under stage 2 cap 1
~Adjusted ceiling height in stage 3 tunnel for better clearance
~Cleaned up prop collision
~Fixed clip brush exploits
~Players can no longer build on top of arches and high ledges
~Players can no longer build in Blu's first spawn room
~Changed scale of water texture
~Fixed improper orientation on arrow signs
~Fixed players getting above red forward spawn
~Fixed players building on cargo containers inside spawn room
~Fixed holes in skybox geometry
~Removed collision from hanging lamp over Red spawn
~Removed collision from security cameras above Red and Blue spawns
~Mirrored fence alcove from Blu final cap arena to Red side
~Balanced collision of rocks in final capture arenas
~Re-ordered spawns in the first spawn room to be consistent between Red and Blu
~Clipped roof of building over cap A
~Removed helthpack under terrain
~Added decals under health kits and ammo packs
~Fixed players getting out of the map near the middle capture point
~Fixed collision exploits near middle capture point
~Fixed collision issues on the ladders and hill that lead to the first point
~Fixed static prop lighting
~Fixed players blocking Blu's spawn exit door leading to capture point B
~Fixed collision on ledge near capture point B
~Players can no longer build inside Red spawn room.
~Blu spawn point over grate removed.
~Fixed building inside of spawn doors
~Fixed clipping exploits on battlements
~Fixed height of door leading to spiral stairs in Blu base so players can now crouch past a placed dispenser
~Cleaned up prop collision
~Smoothed clipping on wagon wheel and other props
~Fixed players jumping out of the map
~Health and ammo packs now match on Red and Blu sides of the map
~Players can no longer build in spawn doors
~Fixed rockets passing through terrain near the capture point
~Players can no longer build in spawn room rafters
~Fixed players building on rock in cave section
~Fixed player clip brush exploits and missing player clip brushes on roofs and rock walls
~Fixed player clip smoothing
~Fixed fence collisions
~Fixed floating rocks in skybox
~Fixed lighting on props
~Fixed lighting on canyon vista
~Handrails no longer collide with bullets and projectiles
~Performance increase through poly reduction, model collision reduction and model fade distances
~Players can no longer build inside Blu spawn room
~Players can no longer be trapped with teleporters under the sign by the first capture point
~Players can no longer enter the room overlooking the final cap through the windows before point 3 is captured
~Players will now be crushed by closing doors upon the capture of point 2
~Fixed building in the skybox above Red's final spawn
~Teleporters will no longer self destruct when used on the battlements near Blu's first spawn
~Fixed spawn doors not working properly after second capture.
~Players can no longer build inside kill volumes
~Players can no longer build inside of Blu's second spawn room
~Red players can now enter the Blu team spawn upon round win
~Fixed collision on props and clip exploits
~Fixed buildings being prohibited from construction in the garage near the end of stage 3
~Players can no longer block the cart through the wall in stage
~Players can no longer build in spawn exits
~Players can no longer build on the shack roof near the end of stage 3
~Players and buildings can no longer be killed through the floor in stage 1 in the upper room by the cap
~Players can no longer build on the perch in stage 1
~Handrails no longer collide with bullets and projectiles
~Fixed gate visible through ceiling in stage 3
~Fixed clipping in stage 3 Blu spawn
~Prevented players from building in the cliffside kill zone in stage 1
~Fixed exploit where Blu team could be trapped in their final spawn room
~Fixed gap in collision which allowed Blu players to be shot in their first spawn
~Fixed fade distances on props in Blu spawn
~Fixed players building under catwalk on the ledge of the final pit
~Fixed clip brush exploits
~Players can no longer be trapped by teleporting under stairs near final capture point
~Players can no longer build inside of Red's final spawn room
~Players can no longer build inside of spawn room doors
~Players can no longer be trapped inside of the capture point sign
~Prevented Blu team from entering final spawn room while it is neutral
~Smoothed clipping collision
~Collision performance increases
~Handrails no longer collide with bullets and projectiles
~Replaced floor texture in Red team final spawn room
~Fixed clip brush exploit above building on cliff edge
~Fixed players jumping outside of the map
~Reduced prop collision
~Fixed invisible faces
~Handrails no longer collide with bullets and projectiles
~Fixed clip brush exploit where players could get out of world
~Fixed players getting on top of monument.

~The Chieftain's Challenge, Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet, That '70s Chapeau, The K-9 Mane, The Stovepipe Sniper Shako, The Pounding Father, and Vox Diabolus can now be painted
~"The Public Enemy", "The Urban Professional", and "The Dumpster Diver" sets will now show up as sets in the in-game UI
~Cursed Soul items (Halloween zombie skins) are now renameable
~Strange Bacon Grease can now be gift-wrapped
~Added LODs to the Airborne Armaments set items
~Fixed Bison/Pomson projectiles getting stuck on doors
~Fixed Baseballs and Jars sometimes going through thin geometry
~Removed: Damage taken mini-crits
~Added: Damage taken increased 25%
~Added 20% bonus healing while deployed
~Added 80% vulnerability increase to all push forces while deployed
~Added +25% Jump Height bonus when active
The Special Delivery (set)
~Removed: +25 max health on wearer
~Added: Leave a calling card on your victims
Battalion's Backup
~Added additional +15% Sentry damage resistance to all teammates while banner effect is active (50% damage reduction while banner is active)
~Rage is now generated from damage dealt instead of damage received
Black Box
~Rocket explosions now use correct sound
Beggar’s Bazooka
~Fixed an exploit that allowed players to hold a set fixed number of rockets (reload cancelling)
~Misfired Rockets now remove one loaded rocket from the clip
~Rage is now generated only from damage dealt
~Buffed players now receive a speed boost, in addition to the previous Health-On-Hit effect
Cow Mangler 5000
~Reduced clip size (from 5 to 4)
~Removed -10% damage attribute
~Removed 5% slower reload attribute
~Added missing "sets players on fire" description text
~New particles and sound
Escape Plan
~Players receive the Marked-For-Death effect after deploying, and for a short period after holstering.
Liberty Launcher
~Removed: 25% reduced clip size penalty
~Added: 25% reduced damage penalty
~Rocket explosions now use correct sound
The Tank Buster (set)
~Removed: +20% Sentry damage resistance on wearer
~Added: Leave a calling card on your victims
~Fixed "Mmmph" progress resetting after touching a resupply cabinet
~Added: 15% increase move speed while deployed
~Added: 20% damage vulnerability to all sources
The Gas Jockey's Gear (set)
~Removed: +10% faster move speed on wearer
~Removed: +10% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer
~Added: Leave a calling card on your victims.
Chargin' Targe
~Added: Afterburn immunity
Loose Cannon
~Range no longer affects direct cannonball impact damage
~Reduced charge time to 1 second
~Added: Double-Donk (directly impacting an enemy within half a second before the bomb explosion) sound and particle effects
~Double-Donk damage now mini-crits
The Expert's Ordnance (set)
~Removed: +10% fire damage resistance on wearer
Buffalo Steak Sandwich
~Removed: Damage taken mini-crits
~Added: Damage taken increased 25%
Dalokoh's Bar
~Increased amount of health restored per-bite from 15 to 25
~Fixed a bug that caused mini-sentries to heal while being constructed
Rescue Ranger
~Minor increase in damage per bolt
~Increased building healing from 50 to 75 per bolt
Short Circuit
~Ammo cost reduced when an attack destroys a projectile.
~Slightly reduced accuracy of manually-controlled sentry at long range
~Protective shield now fades 1 second after the owning Engineer dies
Crusaders Crossbow
~Changed arrow projectile to a large syringe
~Added new trail effects
~Smoothed out reload animation (DPS unchanged)
~Fixed being able to heal players that are using items that block healing
~Added 50% Overheal
~Über now affects the medic when there's no heal target
~Shotguns with pushback (Force O' Nature) no longer affect players under the effect of Quick-Fix’s Über
~Über now fully absorbs crit damage for the selected damage type, but depletes ~Übercharge based on the amount of damage prevented
Bazaar Bargain
~Fixed the starting charge rate being -40% instead of -20%
~Capped the max charge rate to 200%
Cozy Camper
~Removed movement penalty.
~Added: Damage taken increased by 20%
Darwin's Danger shield
~Added: Bullet damage taken reduced by 15%
~Added: Explosive damage taken increased by 20%
The Croc-o-Style Kit (set)
~Removed headshot immunity
~Added: Leave a calling card on your victims
Dead Ringer
~When under the effect of Feign Death, damage taken decreases the duration of the effect
~Added: 40% increased cloak duration
~Fixed a bug that would cause the charge meter to not reset when the spy was killed
The Saharan Spy (set)
~Removed: Reduced decloak sound volume
~Removed: 0.5 sec longer cloak blink time
~Added custom particle effects when taunting
The Silent Assassin
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#2: Re: Move Those Updates Up!
Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:05 pm 
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Level 6
Total Points: 760 points
Next Level: 800 points
~Reduced intensity of Bleed and Jarate screen effects under DX8

brb marrying Valve
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#3: Re: Move Those Updates Up!
Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:28 pm 
The Hero of Chaos
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Level 5
Total Points: 377 points
Next Level: 400 points
My short attention span is not gonna remember all weapon changes, but until I get to playing for a good while, it'll stick in.
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