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MvM class strategies
#1: MvM class strategies
Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:50 pm 
Respawn in 3...2...1
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Alright, I know it's a bit late but I'm doing it anyways. Now that MvM has been out for a while, I can safely say that I have enough knowledge on it to be an incredibly effective scout. I would love feedback, and strategies for other classes, because right now I only know how to properly play scout and engie in MvM.

1. Scout is no longer an offensive class in MvM, he has taken a support role. This means that his primary objective is to collect money, take out medics, and distract other robots.

2. Since scout is a support class, you shouldn't spend all your money on weapon upgrades. You're scattergun is good for taking effective potshots at the robot horde, but isn't really good for crowd control.

3. Scout's primary focus is grabbing all of the money so that teammates don't have to risk themselves to grab it. Scout gets health from collecting money making him one of the bulkiest classes once you get him rolling. To add to this, it is advised that you start with speed or resistance upgrades to increase efficiency and survival. You may have an incredibly short respawn time, but those 5-10 seconds that it takes for you to get back to the battle can lose you that bonus at the end of the round.

4. Making scout bulky with resistances is key. Robots attack the nearest enemy (with exceptions to sentries). When you are buffed beyond belief with health and resistances, you should be the one taking the hits not your teammates. This is also important for medic picks, as giant robots' dps is enough to crush most classes. With resistances and the health bonus from the money, you can take out the medics and survive.

5. Weapon choices should support the team. The fan of war is recommended as the damage bonus is great against giants and steel fists. Scattergun should be the primary as is maximizes close range damage per clip. Many people say that mad milk should be the scout's secondary, but I have found that Bonk works better. In order to slow enemies, the mad milk needs a substantial amount of money. This doesn't help much, and the healing buff is often unnecessary. Bonk, on the other hand, allows you to get the health from money at no risk, and makes you the perfect meat shield for your team. It's there to get you started in a round, and can also be your savior in certain situations.

6. Scout's can't be everywhere, and they should rarely be defending the bomb. The rest of the team should be all over this. Scouts need a consistent kill-zone to ensure that the round goes perfectly. Yes they can pick up all the scraps that are left behind, but when the round becomes a clusterfuck don't blame the scout for not getting all the moolah when he has to kill the carrier who slipped past the rest of the team. The team's defenses should be dynamic, and should move with the bomb. If not, you won't be getting all the money that you could.

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#2: Re: MvM class strategies
Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:26 am 
The Unknown
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Here's what I know about mvm as a Soldier.

1) First off, weapon choice. Black Box is, in my opinion, far better than direct hit, liberty launcher, or even stock rocket launcher because it's 3 rocket clip, while normally a huge disadvantage in multiplayer, can be fixed on the first round of mvm, and once you get used to it, having one less rocket is a small price to pay for that precious 15 health you get every time you shoot at another pack of robots. Secondary weapon, there isn't really a question. Buff Banner is definitely the best option. With robots, buff is much easier to build up, and can be used to make sentry guns totally kick-ass. Defensive buff may be a viable option as well, although I don't like that one as much. Melee, I like the escape plan for getting out of sticky situations. Some use market gardener and some use shovel, whatever works, this slot isn't as important anyway.

2) Upgrades. This sort of changes for each person, depending on what you like. The three upgrades that MUST come first though are reload speed, clip size, and firing speed. That last one is actually pretty important. If you upgrade reload speed and clip size a lot but not firing speed, then you find yourself in this awkward phase of waiting to fire, whereas with upgraded firing speed, you can deal out hundreds of damage in a few short seconds. Reload speed and firing speed must be upgraded to the max, but I've found that clip size really doesn't need to be upgraded past 7-9. That extra cash can be used on resistances. Actually, I find myself rocket jumping a lot as soldier in mvm so a couple of explosive resistances can go a long way.

3) Soldier is the most mobile class, so one thing that he is good for is dealing with those pesky super scouts that get past everyone. Where even scouts and demos can be outrun by these scouts, the soldier can usually keep up, raining rockets down the whole time.

4) Although he is the most mobile, this doesn't mean that the soldier is a defensive class. The soldier is a power class. His main job is to deal out as much damage to the waves of enemies as possible, and when he gets buff banner to immediately pop it, and then send out mini crit rockets in addition to powering up nearby teammates. (most effective if standing by a sentry or a heavy or both) Although it is usually the scout's job, when uber medics come in, the soldier can rocket jump in, force their uber, then rocket jump out as soon as the medics enter the field. Of course, if there is a sniper or another class that can kill the uber medics before they pop, the soldier should not do this.
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#3: Re: MvM class strategies
Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:06 pm 
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1) Made for taking out large amount of robots with this setup.

Bootlegger/The booties
Scottish resistance
Half Zatoichi/Stock

This means the only thing you'd be doing is using the resistance. The Zatoichi is there mainly for robots that sneak past your team, and the stickies wont help much there. By the time they get to you or vice versa, you'd be bound to take some damage. The full health is only with the zatoichi, but if your team comes out of nowhere, you'll be scolding them every day.

2) Have a medic kritzkrieg you before the round, and place stickies down in different piles (Ex: A pile of 4 where they come out, and 3 more up the hill) Now for a map like Mannworks, just put 7 and 8 stickies at the 2 point where robots come out. This is great for taking out medics and doing big damage to the heavy robots, since the medics have a LITTLE bit of time before they pop uber after jumping down.

3) Now you've destroyed all the stickies. The upgrades I'd choose for it is fire and reload speed, because that is what you'll be doing the most. Extra stickies is essential, and the robots aren't smart enough to walk around the sticky, making the extra second of waiting not a huge deal. Just sticky spam from here on out, and buy krit canteens for the tanks and bulky robots.

4) Ammo capacity is a must as well, but that should have gone up there. A great way to track robots in the end of the beginning of the round, which is where most people forget where they go, is to place a single stickie in the direction they may head. Also, sticky jumping is not the best idea, since the resistance takes an extra second, and I think does extra damage. But doing the setup I'm talking about is COMPLETELY different from most other demoman setups, since you can go demo knight, or what he SHOULD be (Valve...), a grenade man.
#4: Re: MvM class strategies
Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:40 am 
The Unknown
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Here's what I know about sniper weapons.

Not that many people play it but it can provide pretty good support.

1) The heatmaker
This weapon gives a faster reload on full charge and with the faster charge upgrade, you'll be practically scoped in all the time (If you can aim that is). Explosive headshot isn't to be looked down upon. It really helps your team mates and nice for taking out those quick-fix medics. Jarate is pretty helpful in this loadout. Since you're away from the action, throwing a bottle of piss can aid your teammates in fighting those robots.

2) The machina
Penetrates players on full charge. Pretty nice making people rage on pub servers and also handy for taking out robots. Again, the faster charge upgrade is recommended.

3) The huntsman
I've seen this to be helpful in some situations. Went on expert mode with a team that had a huntsman sniper, those bleed damage and body penetration is pretty helpful when the hords of robots line up for you. Also, I'm not sure this has been patched or not, you can taunt the robots to stun them for a short time. Really helpful combined with Jarate on those uber soldiers.

4) The sidney sleeper (or as I like to call it, The Piss Rifle)
I have a love-hate relationship with this weapon. The reasons being that you can apply Jarate to robots but lose the ability to headshot them. As I mentioned above, headshooting robots with the explosive headshot upgrade causes a large amount of damage. But as soon as you equip this weapon, you're making a trade-off.

Final tip for the MVM sniper: go for those snipers! The piss the hell out of me with those charged bodyshots and it's annoying to respawn but to only get shot down by a camping sniper.
#5: Re: MvM class strategies
Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:48 pm 
The Silent
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Purely a defensive class. Really all you want to do is hunker down in a good spot and just concentrate on fixing your items. If you have a wrangler, its good for focusing on hard robots-Giants, Tanks, etc. Let your sentry do the attacking, not your shotgun/pistol/melee.

DO NOT FOCUS ON SENTRY BUSTERS UNLESS THEY'RE EXTREMELY FAR AWAY WITH AT LEAST HALF OF THE TEAM FOCUSING ON IT. Your sentry will NOT be able to knock it down in time. In the case of a sentry buster reaching you, you have 2 options: 1) Haul your SENTRY away as fast as possible while it's "priming". Sure, you'll lose your Dispenser etc., but the sentry is the most important. 2) Use your Übercharge canteen. It protects all your buildings and yourself from any harm.
Look at the blue arrows. They tell you where the robots are heading.
Try to separate your teleporter/dispenser from your sentry so splash-damage robots don't destroy everything at once.
Move your buildings around. If the bomb's behind you, get in front of it.
The Upgrade Buildings canteen is EXTREMELY useful if your buildings got destroyed. Just place them down, press H, and POOF! your buildings are back.

1) Get Metal up to 300.
2) Increase Building's Health to max.
3) Increase Sentry's Firing Speed to max.
4) Upgrade Wrench's Firing Speed to max. (You'll be able to repair faster)
5) Get Additional Sentry.
6) Get whatever your heart desires.
Either get Übercharge or Upgrade Buildings. Its really your choice, but I would suggest Upgrade Buildings. Much faster than rebuilding everything from scratch.
#6: Re: MvM class strategies
Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:11 am 
Dr. Neckbeard
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I've found that getting Dispenser range as fast as possible tends to help out the team greatly.

Just saying. :3

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#7: Re: MvM class strategies
Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:04 pm 
The Unknown
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I just recently got back into Mann up mode. I've been playing a lot of pyro. Here's what I know.

Class Loadout

Primary weapon should be stock, without question. Phlog used to be a very useful option, but a nerf from valve has made the phlog charge much slower on tanks. Additionally, it eliminates the ability to airblast, which is the pyro's most useful function.

Secondary weapon isn't as important, but it can be very useful. Well-aimed flares can take out snipers nicely, so I like the flare gun for secondary.

Melee should really only ever be neon annihilator or the home wrecker, so you can destroy the Sapper on the engi's dispenser if he can't get to it.

Class strategy
The pyro is very much a support role. Stick by the heavies to spy check on the waves that have spies, stick to the tank on tank rounds, and air blast that bomb! On every map there is a way to push the bomb back, and it's easy as long as you can stay alive. That's the tricky part. When others die, you can't. Retreat, and reset or push back the bomb to give your team a chance to get set up again. Pyro can reset the bomb just about infinitely as long as no giants get their hands on the bomb, and if you do that, your team won't lose.

Here is what works best for me. First round upgrades. 3/4 of it goes to air blast force, 1/4 of it goes to a single uber canteen, in case things get hairy. Second wave, Max out air blast, get 1 more uber if needed, and 1 ammo cap increase. (You really only need one upgrade here, sometimes 2) After that, just get different types of resistances based on the approaching wave. I always save a few hundred dollars in case I need emergency über canteens. By the way, you should really only get uber canteens unless it's a tank round.
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