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VSH File .Rar Download
#1: VSH File .Rar Download
Sat May 12, 2012 9:01 pm 
Poptart Bandit
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As anyone who has played on the VSH (Versus Saxton Hale) server, a lot of the time Saxton Hale is a big red ERROR. Well, Anthal was kind enough to make a .rar file for all of the Hale files.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what this will fix, if anything and HOW to use the files. Well, I'll explain this in detail. You'll need Winrar for this.

1) Download the .rar file from the link provided and place it wherever you can easily and quickly access it.

2) Start > Computer > C: Drive > Program Files > Steam > SteamApps > (Your Steam Username) > Team Fortress 2 > tf

3) Place the .rar file in THAT folder. Just drag and drop it or copy and paste it.

4) As a safety measure, make sure to delete all of your old Hale files.

5) Then right click the .rar files and choose the option 'Extract Here'.

After that, you're all done. Just join the VSH server and Hale should no longer be an error.

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